Activate Antler Antennae !

Tune in to tonight at 8! Two of our songs will be featured in the first hour of the Dave Johnson Rocks show * broadcast from Los Angeles. Can also be heard worldwide via the TuneIn Radio App. Hay hay, radio play!

Coywolf Release Show Spectacular!

Our good friends of Coywolf put together a night of magic that boomed all night. SO much good music, and many good friends. A night to remember <3. Check out Coywolf's music at


As we get a little peek of summer in February here in SF, we visited the botanical gardens. Tulip trees galore! all of the trees were blossoming. It was a gorgeous day and some ramen and sake with sister Pam wrapped it all up with a pretty bow <3

The Night Light

We were blown away by ALL the talented ladies we shared the stage with at the Night Light. Please check out local bands Bam!Bam! and Toosie, and definitely check out Shark Muffin from NY!! fucking incredible.

Song Angel on Fire

This was a special performance that left us a little stunned. jessica lea mayfield's voice is so soft and ethereal, as well as being extremely powerful in filling the room. waves of her words seeped through us in a way that distorted time. the show could have been 10 minutes, or 10 years long. either way, we loved it.